Saturday, May 13, 2006

Poetry by Nikki Giovanni

poetry is motion graceful
as a fawn
gentle as a tear drop
strong like the eye
finding peace in a crowded room

we poets tend to think
our words are golden
though emotion speaks too
loudly to be defined
by silence

sometimes after midnight or just before
the dawn
we sit typewriter in hand
pulling loneliness around us
forgetting our lovers or children
who are sleeping
ignoring the weary wariness
of our own logic
to compose a poem
no one understands it
it never says “love me” for poets are
beyond love
it never says “accept me” for poems seek not
acceptance but controversy
it only says “I am” and therefore
I concede that you are too

a poem is pure energy
horizontally contained
between the mind
of the poet and the ear of the reader
if it does not sing discard the ear
for poetry is song
if it does not delight discard
the heart for poetry is joy
if it does not inform then close
off the brain for it is dead
if it cannot heed the insistent message
that life is precious

which is all we poets
wrapped in our loneliness
are trying to say


Blogger Martijn said...

Rymez by Sticky Stefanie

Wors are silent blocks
as a gown
hard plain steel
but week as a thought
gathering chaos in a empty plane

We fuckers spent to play
your feelings are blue
no regret listens
after soft as independent

always before the day and way after the midnight
we stand LBA in mouth
pushing eachother inwards
renembering your enemies and parents
they were awake
enjoying steady awakenings
of their irrational empathy
to randomize a sign
that everybody understands
she always asks “beat me” nor listeners were beyond hate
it always says “ignore me” for lies lose a whole
outplacement and gathering
it only says “you were” or hereafter
You defeat it as i am not

a lie was
vertically distracted
beneath the legs
of the lyer or the rear of the
Singing dwelming the mouth
for lies are unforgetable
the light enchants
the fist for lyers are sad
release tight touches
as life is for
if it cannot heed the insistent message that life is precious

Stitch what all we lyers
reveal in our greedy touches
are trying to understand

7:12 PM  

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